Clerc Watches

Founded in 1874 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, CLERC expresses the culmination of 140 years of watchmaking know-how with its new Hydroscaph collection.

CLERC manufactures powerful luxury diving watches called “exploration machines.” They’re designed for extreme life conditions – the kind you find at 2,000 feet below sea level. At those depths, survival depends on uncompromising quality, precision, toughness, and reliability. This is how CLERC has been crafting watches for a century and a half. But on land and in everyday life, discerning luxury watch lovers expect comfort, elegance, style, and prestige. So we said, why not have both? And set out to create a new breed of Swiss luxury watch called Hydroscaph. It combines raw power with pure luxury in a distinctly identifiable timepiece. And there’s nothing else like it in the world.

Feldmar Watch Company, Inc. is proud to be an authorized dealer for every brand that we carry in our showroom. This distinction gives our clientele the peace of mind that all warranties and services are guaranteed by both the manufacturer and the store. When you purchase a timepiece or accessory from Feldmar, you can rest assured you’re receiving the very best in product quality and customer service.

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