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ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS. “Project Team Tough” was formed in 1981 to realize an engineer’s aspiration: “I want to create a watch that doesn’t break, even if dropped.”

After repeated production of over 200 prototypes and the devotion of over two long years to the effort, G-SHOCK’s core technology, a shock-resistant structure, was completed. In the years since, this tough watch has continued to take up challenges tirelessly in search of even greater toughness. Motivated by this spirit, G-SHOCK has continuously pursued new possibilities for every aspect of toughness, from structure and materials to functions.

With sophisticated watch forms, designs inspiring pride of ownership and varied hand expressions arousing new emotional responses with every use, it has raised the standard for perfection by introducing high-end premium models built with the strictest attention to detail.

Focusing on the origins of toughness…seeking even higher levels of toughness…for G-SHOCK, the challenge never ends.

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One of the brand's most popular and well-known collections, Baby-G watches are playful and colorful.
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A series of comfortable, easy-to-read and distinctive timepieces with sport-inspired features.
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Functional and durable timepieces that radiate exclusivity, sophistication and class.
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A stainless steel collection made for men who are active, stylish and enjoy the look and feel of metal.
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Master of G

Developed for land, sea and sky, functional timepieces that stand up to all of nature's challenges.
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With a case harder than pure titanium, these watches are remarkably scratch-resistant, comfortable and durable.
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Refined and classic yet inspired by the adventurer, men's chronographs that are made to last.
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S Series

Made for active, modern women, fashion-forward timepieces that exude superiority and class.
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