Hermès Watches

Founded in Paris in 1837, the House of Hermès built its reputation for excellence on its skill in making horse saddles.

The Hermès watchmaking tradition dates back to the 1920s, it has thus been combining inventiveness and know-how for over 80 years through an approach firmly grounded on creative craftsmanship. An unmistakable added touch of charm is the unique Hermès watches signature, and its creative and dreamlike vision of time touches dimensions and emotions reaching well beyond mere temporal measurement.

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Watches outfitted with angled Arabic numerals and asymmetrical stirrup-shaped attachments that allow the wearer to easily swap the strap.
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Cape Cod

Unique in shape, each timepiece in this collection has a square watch face inside of a rectangular case.
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A striking collection of women’s watches that are as delicate and thin as they are beautiful and precise.
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Faubourg Manchette

A nod to the brand's beginnings, rigorous techniques are used to craft these unique timepieces.
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Heure H

Incorporating the initial 'H' into the design, these signature timepieces are iconic and classic.
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The detachable padlock, first used on the brand’s Kelly bag, makes these watches versatile for day or night.
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Timepieces featuring a decorative cap that conceals the brilliantly designed watch face.
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Slim D'Hermes

Minimalistic and slim, delicate timepieces adorned with written numbers designed by typographer Philippe Apeloig.
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