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Clerc Watches

Founded in 1874 and now based in Geneva, Switzerland, the story of CLERC began more than 140 years ago in Paris.

The Maison CLERC began producing exquisitely crafted pocket watches, then graduated to wrist watches as fashions changed. Renowned for its creations, CLERC found favor with historical figures as varied as Salvador Dali, Paco Rabanne and Maurice Chevalier. General Charles de Gaulle ordered a CLERC-designed one-of-a-kind clock which he presented to Nikita Khrushchev as an official state gift in the 1950s.

It was during this same time that the Maison CLERC began producing its first diver’s watches, a category of timepiece for which CLERC is justly celebrated, and on which their formidable reputation still rests. CLERC manufactures powerful luxury diving watches aptly named “exploration machines” in keeping with their history as an authentic part of underwater expeditions. They are designed for extreme life conditions—the kind found at 2,000 feet below sea level. At those depths, survival depends on uncompromising quality, precision, toughness and reliability. This is exactly how CLERC has been crafting watches for nearly a century and a half.

On land, however, discerning luxury watch lovers expect more than just impressive technical achievement. They expect comfort, elegance, style and prestige. And so CLERC set out to create a new breed of luxury watch, and the Hydroscaph was born. Raw power in perfect union with pure luxury.


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Hydroscaph Central Chronograph

Practical, reliable and water-resistant up to 500 meters, these watches feature exceptional readability and a perfect fit over a diving suit.
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Hydroscaph GMT Power Reserve Chronometer

Made for deep sea diving, these timepieces are the ideal companion for extreme underwater adventure.
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Hydroscaph H1 Chronometer

Technologically advanced underwater timepieces that proudly hold the COSC certification.
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