Everest Watch Bands

    Everest has single-handedly given a Rolex watch owner almost any look they can dream up to customize their Rolex but easily change it back to its original look minutes later.

    Everest Horology Products has had quite a journey to become the destination for Rolex owners to find the perfect alternative to their Rolex bracelet. We have spent years developing better and better designs and materials to create what many have said is simply the best aftermarket watch strap for a Rolex owner available. But with all of that Everest Horology Products, had a very humble beginning.

    Everest Horology Products is the brainchild of the now CEO and head of product development, Michael. Michael did not do it alone but with the help of his friend and partner David, the current President of Everest Horology Products. Everest has grown to offer a multitude of strap and Rolex accessories for practically every modern Rolex available.

    Feldmar Watch Company, Inc. is proud to be an authorized dealer for every brand that we carry in our showroom. This distinction gives our clientele the peace of mind that all warranties and services are guaranteed by both the manufacturer and the store. When you purchase a timepiece or accessory from Feldmar, you can rest assured you’re receiving the very best in product quality and customer service.

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