Roberto Coin Jewelry

Roberto Coin is not only a name synonymous with innovative and timeless jewelry, but a man with over 35 years experience creating distinctive and authentic jewels.

Both the beauty and individuality of women serve as inspiration for Roberto, as he is continuously moved to entice women through various designs. Inspired by ancient Egyptian legend, a ruby is hidden in each of the collection pieces. The legend reveals that wearing a ruby close to the skin brings long life, good health and happiness.

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Extraordinary color and whimsy transform these enigmatic creatures into a collection of beauty and glamour.
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Interlocking ribbed gold links in a basket weave design create a flexible, fabric-like movement in Roberto Coin’s signature collection, meaning “passionate”.
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Black Jade

Impressive design alludes to impactful style with the collection’s sleek, asymmetrical silhouettes and piercing green chalcedony accents.
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Cento Diamonds

The world’s ultimate 100-facet diamond captures opulent beauty through light reflections to create an exceptionally high degree of scintillating brilliance.
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Classic Diamond

Truly classic, these pieces create a fresh look – both youthful and sophisticated – available in various lengths, gold colors, and carat weights.
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The collection combines lush golds with scintillating Diamonds, Semiprecious Stones, and Mother of Pearl to create the perfect statement piece.
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Designer Gold

Beautifully crafted in 18K gold, these designer gold pieces are available in a multitude of styles, links, and hues that are just the right hint of chic.
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Diamonds by the Inch

Diamonds by the Inch, with delicate chains and bezel set stones exude femininity— but layered they create a fresh look.
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Fantasia celebrates the beauty of light reflection with white or champagne diamonds, or color sapphires.
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Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and an incredible bouquet of colored stones are mixed with small creatures, hidden in the extraordinary designs reminiscing of the secret garden.
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Golden Gate

Within each design lies a strong, fascinating structure beckoning that of the iconic bridge in San Francisco.
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Haute Couture

A pinnacle of Roberto Coin’s creativity, every piece is unique in this collection that is the epitome of innovation, precision, and design.
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New Barocco

Perhaps one of the most iconic collections, Barocco is characterized by a symphony of weavings that are a symbol of harmony and the essence of elegance.
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Perfect Diamond Hoops

The only brand to own the name “perfect diamond hoop,” these round brilliant diamonds embellish both the outside and inside of each hoop creating absolute symmetry.
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Perfect Gold Hoops

Just as its circular shape suggests, The Perfect Hoop is a classic gift, offering continuous beauty both from the inside and out.
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Pois Moi

Hand etched and carved, the beautifully textured pieces are bold yet delicate. The intricate details lend a classic feel to contemporary designs.
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The cutting-edge technology used to create this collection results in incredibly lightweight and flexible jewelry.
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Leaping off the pages of a fairytale, hand-crafted satin finish pieces showcase romantic floral patterns and contemporary expressions.
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Scalare’s geometric lines add a modern twist to a classically elegant collection.
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Inspired by the idyllic streets of 1920s Shanghai, this collection boasts the vibrant hues of Peridot, Iolite, and Topaz alongside diamonds and gold.
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Inspired by the Etruscan empress, Tanaquilla – an historical icon of emancipation and freedom – hand-crafted jewelry adorned with cognac diamonds command a regal air of femininity.
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Tiny Treasures

Tiny Treasures is a collection of whimsical 18K gold and diamond pendants. There is a piece for every personality
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