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Suunto Watches

Suunto is synonymous with outdoor adventure, and is most well-known for the superior craftsmanship of its watches made for hiking, mountaineering and diving.

Heritage is important to Suunto. The history, the culture and the people of Finland have shaped Suunto in the more than 80 years since the company was founded by an outdoor adventurer, and have made it what it is today. Evolution is natural, but some things remain an integral part of Suunto’s brand DNA: accuracy, robustness, reliability, design and being Finnish to the core.

Through the decades, Suunto has been constantly learning and fine-tuning their technology, allowing them to create products you can rely on, even in the most extreme conditions. Finland is a cold, dark country that demands a lot from its people. Because Suunto demands a lot from their products, they take them into the real world for testing. If they can survive Finland, they can survive anything.

Suunto sets their own standards, and the best is never enough. Feldmar Watch Company is honored to be an authorized Suunto watch dealer. Discover for yourself that Suunto makes the world’s best watches for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as businessmen and travelers who simply seek excellence.

Feldmar Watch Company, Inc. is proud to be an authorized dealer for every brand that we carry in our showroom. This distinction gives our clientele the peace of mind that all warranties and services are guaranteed by both the manufacturer and the store. When you purchase a timepiece or accessory from Feldmar, you can rest assured you’re receiving the very best in product quality and customer service.

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