The History of Feldmar Watch Company

FilmStrip-cropped2Family…the people we trust, honor and hold dear to our hearts. The very word invokes a feeling of warmth and safety, a source of stability in an otherwise crazy world. There is no greater comfort than family, and no greater example of family values than Feldmar Watch Company.

For over 100 years, Feldmar Watch Company has developed from a humble business into the destination for watch aficionados, celebrities and collectors without ever losing touch with their roots. What began as a family business has remained a family business, complete with the advice, knowledge and open arms you would expect from those who care.

Feldmar’s success began in 1913, when Hungarian immigrant Jack Feldmar started a repair business fixing the broken, relinquished watches of Newark, New Jersey pawnshops. He repaired neglected timepieces for 15 apiece. When Jack’s wife became ill, the family relocated to Los Angeles where Jack established his own shop downtown on 4th and Broadway and continued working with pawnshop owners. Jack educated his son Barney in the art of watchmaking and repair, and the two formed a partnership that would become the foundation for the present day Feldmar Watch Company.

feldmarstorefront1960s2After the company relocated to their current Los Angeles (Flagship) site on Pico Boulevard in 1956, Jack retired from the watchmaking trade, leaving the company in the capable hands of Barney and his wife, Harriet. The Feldmar family business had staying power, mainly due to its understanding of what clients wanted from a watch purveyor. Specializing in stopwatches became an asset for Feldmar with the advent of timed sporting events. With the largest selection of stopwatches and the expertise to repair and maintain them, Feldmar produced the acclaimed booklet, “Timing in the World of Sports.”

Another shining moment in Feldmar’s 100-year history arrived with the first electronic watch, the Bulova Accutron, in the 1960’s. The Accutron’s precision meshed perfectly with a timing company, so Bulova appointed Feldmar as the Accutron Center for the Los Angeles area. In due course, Feldmar became the number one Accutron Center in the United States, building further notoriety and strength.

IMG_62352In the early 70’s, the Feldmar’s son-in-law, Sol Meller, joined the business. Sol was a passionate watch enthusiast, who also knew the importance of excellent customer service. As the driving force behind the company’s development, Sol built upon the existing foundation and led the company to be named one of L.A.’s fastest-growing businesses.

Feldmar Watch Company cherishes the personal approach while still cultivating new business. Sol’s son, Scott, is a confident leader, seizing development opportunities and ensuring that service remains a priority. Scott is responsible for the recent remodel and expansion of the flagship – now featuring Breguet, Blancpain and Omega Salons, and an impressive showroom of over 10,000 square feet.

Today, Feldmar Watch Company has two locations to better serve their distinguished clientele – the flagship on Pico and a boutique at the Beverly Hilton.  Feldmar Watch Company is proud to be an authorized dealer for every brand in their showroom. This distinction gives the clientele peace of mind that all warranties and services are guaranteed by both the manufacturer and Feldmar’s trained professionals. When you purchase a timepiece or accessory from Feldmar Watch Company, you receive the very best in products, service and customer satisfaction.

GZ1A86262The highly trained staff have serviced and repaired quality timepieces for an entire century. They take pride in the skill of their highly trained watchmakers, who regularly work on both cutting edge and vintage timepieces. Feldmar Watch Company stocks factory original parts and is able to provide free repair estimates while customers wait. Any brand carried in the showroom is a brand they can handle, from streamlined quartz movement watches to unique automatic complications.

Feldmar Watch Company knows what it means to treat their clientele like family.  Through determination and impressive business acumen, Feldmar has achieved a rare feat of longevity in the retail watch industry. And with a two-year remodeling project complete and shining like a jewel, Feldmar’s external beauty mirrors the altruistic goodness at the heart of their business.

At Feldmar Watch Company, you will find the updated interior, luxury timepieces and customer service that are a hallmark of the business. More importantly, you’ll discover that walking through their doors brings a sense of peaceful assurance that you’re welcomed, valued and remembered each time you visit. When you’re ready for the best in quality and service, come home to Feldmar Watch Company.

Feldmar Watch Company…truly ahead of our time since 1913.