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Electronic engineer Max Hetzel was the genius behind Accutron’s groundbreaking patented tuning fork technology, a truly remarkable engineering feat which moved watch hands with a precision that was unequaled in the 1960s. In fact, Accutron’s very name celebrates this accomplishment—it originated by combining ACCUracy through elecTRONics.

Accutron’s technology is not just unequalled here on earth. The company has participated in 46 NASA space missions that utilized 2,000 precision instruments and timing devices. During the historic 1969 moonwalk, an Accutron precision timer was placed in the Sea of Tranquility to transmit critical lunar data. When you wear an Accutron watch on your wrist, you’re wearing a connection to history.

Accutron’s design and engineering team has taken on the challenge to once again revolutionize time, with their all-new, proprietary next-generation electrostatic energy movement. Time and again, Accutron has shown that cutting-edge technology in concert with a forward-thinking design aesthetic delivers a world-class horological experience.

AccutronTune in as Feldmar president, Scott Meller, discusses the future of "brick and mortar" in the watch industry and how the pandemic has changed our business.

Bonus: though he can neither confirm or deny, the famous '60 minutes' stopwatch might have been provided to CBS by Feldmar. What do you think?

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Spaceview Evolution

The next step in evolution for the Spaceview 2020 features a 30-degree movement shift for a chic upgrade.
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A revival of some of the most memorable Accutron watches originally created during the design-centric 1960s.
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Accutron DNA

The essential elements of the original Spaceview synthesized into a modern integrated case design.
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Spaceview 2020

The visual impact of the original Spaceview featuring an all-new electrostatic energy movement.
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