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MeisterSinger watches are easy to read because Brassler gave their dials a practical, clear readability. That makes MeisterSinger watches unmistakable.

Tower clocks of the Middle Ages had only a single hand, visible from far away, for the town’s citizens to see how the day progressed. In modern times, clocks were gradually fitted with minute and second hands which made people aware of the constant passing of valuable time. Since 2001, very special mechanical wristwatches have been manufactured by MeisterSinger in the Westphalian city of Munster: They have only one single hand with a fine needle point that enables the wearer to read the time.

MeisterSinger founder, Manfred Brassler, wanted to create an alternative to wristwatches that showed time as something constantly racing along. He already had a wealth of experience in watch design and drew inspiration from historical single-hand clocks to make timepieces that only show their wearers what is really important.

With every passing year, MeisterSinger has raised the level of technical sophistication in their watches with the development of the perfect movement. Each timepiece has an incredible power reserve due to twin in-line mainspring barrels, which are able to guide the single hand with great precision and smoothness. Manfred Brassler has successfully merged the technical with the aesthetic ideals of MeisterSinger.


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Astronomically-themed calendar watches with luminous dial and strap colors.
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Bell Hora

At the passing of each hour, these watches release a single charming chime.
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A gloriously large, intricately detailed moonphase display adorns the dial.
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Pangaea Day Date

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