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Hydroscaph H1 Chronometer

Technologically advanced underwater timepieces that proudly hold the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) certification—introducing the formidable Hydroscaph H1 Chronometer. This underwater exploring machine sets a unique standard in extreme diving adventure. The ultra-complex case construction enables it to plunge as deep as 500 meters in complete safety, thanks to CLERC’s exclusive, patented safety features. Hand-crafted in Switzerland, and backed up by a 3-year international warranty.

As with every watch CLERC makes, creative passion is not just confined to technical sophistication and superior engineering, but also to an uncompromising approach to world-class design and exemplary materials. The Hydroscaph H1 Chronometer meets a three-fold demand: exceptional aesthetic appeal, innovative construction and useful functions. It’s as if, rather than following the tenet of form follows function, CLERC allowed form and function to join together in perfect, beautiful symmetry.

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