Feldmar Watch Repair Warranty

Watch overhauls are completed with the latest ultrasonic cleaning equipment, electronically timed, adjusted, and pressure tested for water resistance to the capabilities of the watch. Please note cleaning or refinishing of the case and bracelet may result in noticeable scratches and wear. Watch overhauls are warrantied. for a period of two years. The warranty does not cover watches which have been abused, tampered with, or if the watch shows signs of rust resulting from water damage. We are not responsible for worn or broken parts which were not necessary to replace at the time of the overhaul. There are no warranties on external case components including but not limited to crystals, stems, crowns, push buttons, straps, or bracelets. Problems resulting from abusive wear, customer negligence, or accidental damage are not covered. Once a water resistant watch has been opened, it may no longer retain its water resistance. Feldmar Watch Company offers a basic service that will allow us to guarantee your watch for water resistance (if applicable) for a period of one year. Battery service does not guarantee water resistance. Manufacture warranty claims must be accompanied by the original manufacturer’s warranty.