Breguet Watches

If Breguet holds a special place in our cultural heritage it is because its founder, A.-L. Breguet (1747-1823), set the standard by which all fine watchmaking has since been judged.

Continuing in his legacy, Breguet still makes each watch as a model of supreme horological art. No aspect of watchmaking escaped A.-L. Breguet’s study and his inventions were as fundamental to horology as they were varied. His career started with a series of breakthroughs: the development of the successful self-winding perpetual watches, the introduction of the gongs for repeating watches and the first shock-protection for balance pivots. Today more than ever, its capacity to innovate reflects a brand’s vitality. Breguet’s own creative powers and ingenuity have certainly not declined over time. They have indeed been amplified, resulting in Breguet filing a number of patent applications exceeding that of its founder’s own inventions.

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