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A Trip of a Lifetime: My Experience at the 2016 Olympic Games with OMEGA

If you’ve been watching the Olympic Games over the past couple weeks, you know that timing is everything. That’s where OMEGA comes in as the official timekeeper of the Olympics. I was fortunate enough to witness their brilliant timing technology first hand as I traveled to Rio with OMEGA for the start of the Games. Enjoy my recap in photos below!

Omega Rio

Scott at Olympics

Rio Olympics

Highlight of the Trip

I was only in attendance for a few days, but certainly the highlight of my visit was attending the Opening Ceremony. Being able to witness the event in person instead of watching on TV provides you with a totally different perspective. I really felt the excitement and passion of the locals who were so proud of their country.

Rio Opening Ceremony

Scott at Rio Opening Ceremony

Most Impressive Technology

All of the technology OMEGA brings to the Olympic Games is genius, but the integration of OMEGA timing technology into the swimming pool is simply amazing. When the difference between gold and silver is 1/100 of a second, precision is key!

Rio Swimmin 2

Rio Swimming

Coolest Sight

OMEGA surprised us with a private dinner at “Christ the Redeemer” at the summit of Mount Corcovado.  We not only visited what is considered one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World,” but also took in 360 degree views of Rio while enjoying a very tasty meal.  This was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Rio Dinner 2

Rio Dinner 3

Favorite Sport to Watch

I enjoy watching many different Olympic sports; they are all so exciting, especially in person. While I was in Rio, I really relished watching Team USA destroy China in Basketball.  Swimming was very exhilarating to watch as well.

Scott at Rio Basketball Game

Rio Basketball

My Timepiece

Of course I wore an OMEGA on my trip! I enjoyed sporting my OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean.

Omega Rio Watches

I’ve been lucky to travel to some amazing places with Feldmar’s brand partners, but this trip was certainly a standout. I am honored to work with such an incredible group of people at OMEGA.

Thank you to the entire team for the experience of a lifetime!
Photo Source: OMEGA

4 thoughts on “A Trip of a Lifetime: My Experience at the 2016 Olympic Games with OMEGA

  1. How did you like the Calatrava museum? Pretty amazing! they ran both Marathons around it so I got to see it on TV.

    sounds like you had a better than average time! haha
    Good for you! The dinner set up under the statue at night must have been pretty amazing!

    1. It was a great trip! Omega does have several Olympic models, including the Rio collection pictured below. Let us know if you’d like additional information on these timepieces.

      Omega Rio

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