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Nixon Time Teller Digi Swatch Sistem51

Buying Your Child Their First Luxury Watch: Our Best Recommendations

Do you remember your first watch? For some, receiving their first timepiece was a momentous occasion and one that holds a special memory. Whether it’s for a Bat Mitzvah, a big birthday, a graduation or simply ‘just because,’ maybe you’re thinking about buying your child their first watch. Make sure to consider the following before you shop!

Quartz vs. Mechanical

Watch movements fall into two categories, quartz and mechanical. While both have their benefits, quartz movements don’t require a ton of maintenance. Mechanical movements can require winding as often as daily, which could end up being a big undertaking for a young kid (or you!). Quartz watches are typically much more affordable than mechanical watches, something you’ll probably want to keep in mind when buying a watch for a first time owner.

Michael Kors Dylan Black Silicone
Michael Kors Dylan Black Silicone (Quartz)


Be sure to inquire about the timepiece’s warranty and ask as many questions as possible. Naturally, young children will be harder on watches and could potentially cause damage to them without even knowing it. You’ll want to make sure the timepiece is covered just in case it breaks or gets damaged.

Analog vs. Digital

Depending on the age of your child, a digital watch face, such as the Nixon Time Teller Digi, might be easier to read. Or, maybe you are working to teach your child about time. In that case, an analog face might be a better fit.

Nixon Time Teller Digi
Nixon Time Teller Digi


How often will your child wear the watch? Daily or only on special occasions? If daily, will he or she be playing sports while wearing the timepiece? These are all things to consider when looking at the durability, functionality and the material of your child’s first watch.


Buying a timepiece for a child is a little different than buying one for yourself. Since you aren’t sure exactly how well they will take care of it or how often they will wear it, price may be a big factor in your decision. Luckily, many luxury brands offer affordable options, allowing you to get a high-end timepiece without breaking the bank.

Pre-Owned vs. New

Another thing to consider is whether or not you want to buy a certified pre-owned or a new watch for your child. A pre-owned watch is a great option for those who want a luxury watch but are working within a certain budget. Pre-owned watches are often marked down considerably from their original price.


Look for a timepiece that speaks to your child’s style now but also one that they can grow with. Hopefully, they will be sporting this watch for years to come!

Have you purchased a watch for a child before? Tell us which one in the comments section below!

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