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Baselworld 2016: Recap With Jamie Hayes


Another Baselworld has come and gone. Learn exclusive details of how Scott and Jamie spent their time!

Describe Basel in one word.


What was your favorite brand exhibit this year and why?

OMEGA just makes great watches for everyone. I love how such a large company can still strive to be on the cutting edge of watch technology and lead the industry.

Which timepiece were you most impressed with and why?

My Haute Horology piece would have to be the Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon. Very few watches leave me puzzled as to how they work and even after learning how it worked, I was mesmerized. On the high-end mechanical spectrum, I really loved the new Arnold & Son Nebula watch. I am a big fan of skeleton watches and I hope this one makes it onto my wrist someday. A great value for the craftsmanship of this timepiece. For a watch under $1,000 I think the new Nixon Android Watch (The Mission) is great too.

Describe what a day in the life of a Basel attendee looks like.

A day at Basel is a cross between Groundhog Day and living on a hamster wheel. Scott and I start our day with a solid breakfast to fuel our day of appointments which starts at 9 am. We have appointments every hour (sometimes on the half) until 6 pm. At 6 pm we wrap up any loose ends from the day before leaving the show. We generally have small dinners and events through the evening. As glamorous as that sounds, these events are far more import than just being social. The events are a great time to spend with brand management to discuss in detail our business partnership. We are often out until the early hours of the morning discussing one of our favorite topics…watches! This cycle goes on for about six days.

What trends did you pick up on at Basel do you think watch customers will be most excited to see this year?

I think the trend this year was “back to the classic.” A lot of brands had some great classic and timeless products that can be worn and passed down for generations.

How have you seen Basel evolve over the years?

This is my 12th Basel which pales in comparison to a lot of attendees. For me the evolution is more personal than anything. I have gone from the shock of the scale of Basel to really finding the days familiar. We see a lot of the same great people in a fantastic new setting. The show is still a great place to reaffirm your position in the business and on the new and upcoming trends.

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