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6 Reasons You Should Start Wearing a Watch Today

At Feldmar, we are in the business of getting watches on wrists and pride ourselves on being a great resource for people who are learning about watches for the first time. In fact, they are some of our favorite customers because sharing the joy of watches is what we do best.

Many people forgo wearing a watch, instead favoring a fitness band. Others rely entirely on their smartphones to tell the time. Still others have simply never tried wearing a timepiece. Whatever the reasons for not wearing a watch, there’s no substitute for one of these magical wrist-borne machines. We urge you to read on to discover why you should upgrade your wrist-game!

pre-owned patek philippe annual calendar 5035r

Watches tell a story

Maybe you received a watch for your graduation or on your wedding day. Maybe a timepiece was passed on to you from your father who received it from his father. Maybe you purchased one when you hit a huge milestone in your profession. Each and every watch tells a story. And the story only gets better as the years go on. Not only can the history behind a watch make for interesting conversation, each time you look down at your wrist, you’ll be reminded of your timepiece’s unique story.

blancpain villeret quantieme complet

Watches elevate your look

While fitness bands and other wearable pieces of technology certainly serve a purpose, they aren’t something you’d wear to a formal event and depending on your profession, maybe not even to work. We feel confident saying that no accessory adds the class and sophistication that a good high-end watch does. Whether casual or formal, a timepiece is a sure way to instantly enhance any look. To learn all about dress watches, read our blog on the subject here!

carl f bucherer manero flyback signature

Watches are wearable art pieces

A watch highlights a craftsman’s years of training and experience. Most take hours and sometimes days or weeks to even assemble. Each component is manufactured to perfecting standards and placed just right, similar to a painter’s brush strokes on a canvas. Whether simple and sophisticated or bold and sporty, every timepiece is a wearable piece of art. An avenue for creative expression, a watch says as much about the designers and craftsmen who make them as about the person who wears it.

prospex seiko spb143

Watches are convenient

Sure, your phone can tell you the time. However, it’s much more convenient to glance down at your wrist instead of getting your phone out of your pocket. Plus, there are certain situations, such as during a meeting or at the movies, where it could be considered rude or inappropriate to look at your phone. Watches can also be helpful when your phone runs out of battery or when you’re on the go with no pockets or bags in which to stash your phone.

ulysse nardin executive blast 45 mm

Watches are small technological wonders

Watches utilize an intricate system of springs and gears to work and on their own, are downright fascinating machines. Wearing such an interesting piece of technology can be a source of inspiration to create and innovate, not to mention a great conversation starter. In an increasingly digital world, carrying a device with a manufacturing heritage stretching back hundreds of years is a reminder that sometimes the best things don’t need a battery.

tudor black bay fifty eight 18k 39mm

Watches can help you leave a legacy

Watches are great investments. When you properly keep and maintain them, you can pass them down for generations. Luxury watches can turn into family heirlooms that bring fond memories and sentimentality.

Whether quartz or automatic, steel or gold, a premium watch can serve many purposes beyond simple time-telling. High-end watches can make a statement, elevate your look and create a lasting legacy. Feldmar is a luxury watch store in Los Angeles with over a hundred years of exceptional service. Browse our store today and find the right watch for you!

About The Author: Tom Roth


Born in Washington state, Tom developed an interest in photography during college at University of San Diego. There, he got started in music journalism, interviewing artists and taking photos at concerts. A life-long tinkerer and collector, it wasn’t long before Tom became fascinated with fountain pens and watches.

Those interests collided in November 2020 when Tom started at Feldmar Watch Company where he lives out every watch geek’s dream: photographing and writing about timepieces. When he’s not tinkering with his watch collection, Tom can be found traveling, biting his nails while watching PNW sports teams, and taking flying lessons.

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