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An Interview with Jack Heuer: The TAG Heuer Monaco

In a recent interview with Phillips Auction House, Honorary Chairman of TAG Heuer, Jack Heuer, discussed at great length, the history of the now, world-famous watch manufacturer and brand. At Feldmar, we certainly appreciated this entire interview, but there was one specific anecdote we especially loved. About halfway through the interview, Jack shares a story about the TAG Heuer Monaco and how it was not initially well-received by watch enthusiasts. When he arrived in New York City for business many years ago, Jack met with an executive who had expanded his brand by offering his products to the film industry. Jack, wanting to grow the TAG Heuer brand, learned from this executive that the way to break into the film industry was to find a “Prop Master” in Los Angeles. Thankfully, Jack had a client selling TAG Heuer timepieces in Los Angeles—Barney Feldmar at Feldmar Watch Company. Jack reached out and Barney introduced him to the Prop Master that would eventually lead to the legendary actor Steve McQueen wearing the TAG Heuer Monaco in an upcoming film, Le Mans. Jack had an abundance of Monaco timepieces because other models had been selling much better, so he offered the Prop Master seven timepieces to use in the film’s production. Needless to say, the Monaco became incredibly popular upon the production and release of Steve McQueen’s film and we’re proud to share it as a great story in Feldmar Watch Company’s history. Watch the full interview, here.

Steve McQueen TAG Heuer Monaco
Steve McQueen wearing the TAG Heuer Monaco in Le Mans

The TAG Heuer Monaco is the undisputed design icon of the brand and is strongly associated with motor racing. This legendary timepiece achieved its high status when Steve McQueen chose to wear the blue square case chronograph in the classic 1970’s movie, Le Mans. The McQueen/Le Mans legacy is symbolically portrayed in this chronograph in its Gulf stripes, which served as the racing colors of his Team Gulf Porsche 917. The special edition Monaco Gulf with its orange and blue parallel stripes, blue leather strap with orange-top stitching and offset crown, bears the classic TAG Heuer logo.

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