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Kicking it Old School: What You Should Know about Pocket Watches

Whether you’re an avid collector or just getting into the world of luxury timepieces, pocket watches certainly should not be overlooked. Once considered the most coveted type of watch, pocket watches symbolized status, wealth and authority. Now, while less popular, they still remain common among watch collectors and enthusiasts.

What is a pocket watch? A pocket watch is a timepiece that is meant to be carried in your pocket instead of worn on your wrist. Most are made up of a watch case, the outer protective cover, and a movement. Unlike wristwatches that have a strap, pocket watches sometimes come with a chain or looped strap so it can be secured to a belt loop or coat.

What is the history beyond pocket watches? Prior to pocket watches, timepieces were bulky and were made to be worn around the neck. During the 17th century, watch wearers desired to put watches in their pocket instead so the chain was shortened and used to secure the timepiece to the wearers clothing. Though there were portable watch models prior, the first known pocket watch came about in 1675 when King Charles II of England introduced waistcoats with pockets designed to fit the timepieces perfectly. Pocket watches had a good run and remained popular for years until wristwatches started becoming more mainstream in the early 1900s.

Are there different types of pocket watches? Pocket watches are often split up into two categories – open faced and hinged. Open faced pocket watches have no cover leaving the dial exposed. Hinged, or Hunter, pocket watches are made with a spring hinged cover that closes over the dial.

Where can I find a luxury pocket watch? Though not as popular as wristwatches, many luxury brands still carry pocket watches, putting a modern twist on a classic. Contact us at Feldmar if you’d like to find a specific pocket watch. Here are some of our favorites:


Tissot Pocket Mechanical Skeleton
Tissot Pocket Mechanical Skeleton Rose Gold Bezel Watch with Chain

Bell & Ross

Bell and Ross PW1 Heritage
Bell & Ross PW1 Heritage White Dial


Blancpain Montre de Poche Demi Savonnette
Blancpain Montre de Poche Demi Savonnette


Bovet Virtuoso
Bovet Virtuoso


Breguet Marie-Antoinette N1160
Breguet Marie-Antoinette N1160

Jaquet Droz

Jaquet Droz Pocket Watch Paillonnee
Jaquet Droz Pocket Watch Paillonnee

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