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Ask the Experts: Is My Watch Waterproof, or Water-Resistant?

Without knowing anything about what type of watch you own, we can unequivocally tell you it’s not waterproof. How do we know? Because NO watch is waterproof!

A watch has the ability to withstand water pressure, and the degree to which that particular timepiece can withstand said pressure before leaking, is referred to as its water-resistance.

The Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver can withstand a water resistance of 600 meters!

A watch that is described as simply “water-resistant” can withstand splashes from washing your hands or being caught in an unexpected rain shower, but you should never swim or shower with it on. A watch that is described as water-resistant up to 50 meters is basically splash-resistant. You should by no means take this watch 50 meters below sea level. Remember, it’s the PRESSURE that matters, not the water itself. A watch that is described at water-resistant up to 100 meters will do fine hanging out in the water for a bit and could even be worn for some water activities, such as snorkeling. Diving is still a big no-no. A watch that is described as water-resistant up to 200 meters must be okay for diving, right? Not so fast. You can swim as you wish with a timepiece boasting this level of water-resistance, but SCUBA diving is still off-limits. Always remember never to push the buttons while your watch is submerged.

Finally! A watch that is described as water-resistant up to 300 meters is safe to dive with. But we still haven’t reached the water-resistance threshold…

A watch described as “Diver’s” along with a depth number on the dial, or as “ISO 6425” is a watch for deep diving. Not only can these watches withstand more water pressure, they’re built to withstand more of everything — salt water, shock, magnetism — you name it.

We hope this helps shed some light on water-resistance as it relates to watches. It is recommended you have your timepiece tested yearly to check water-resistance, and more often if you surf or dive frequently.

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