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Ask the Experts: How Should I Store my Luxury Watch?

Just as important as how you care for your watch when you’re wearing it is how you care for it when it’s not on your wrist. Proper storage is the key to protecting your investment and can help ensure your timepiece is around for generations to come. So, how exactly should you store your watch? Here are five options:

Watch winding box

If your watch requires winding, there are plenty of watch winders that double as storage cases. They not only keep your watch safe but also keep it wound so it’s ready to wear at all times. Winders come in all shapes and sizes and can store one watch or multiple. They are usually clear or made of top-of-the-line materials so they look great on dressers or displayed somewhere in your home.

Orbita Tourbillon 1 Winder
Orbita Tourbillon 1 Winder

At-home safe

While it’s often tempting to display your watches for all to see, a safe is your best bet for very expensive or meaningful timepieces, especially family heirlooms or those covered in diamonds. A safe can not only protect your investment from burglary or theft, depending on the type you get, it can protect from floods, fires or other unfortunate issues that may arise. Safes come in all forms, from basic to technologically advanced. Regardless of the type you go with, be sure to choose one that’s too heavy to be picked up by an intruder or one that bolts to the floor or wall.

Orbita Wall Safe
Orbita Wall Safe

Storage box

If your watch doesn’t require winding, consider a more simple watch storage box. Like winders, storage boxes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials and look great sitting out on a dresser. They do a great job of protecting your timepiece from dust, which can quickly build up and harm the watch over time.

Underwood 3 Watch Storage Box
Underwood 3 Watch Storage Box

Travel case

If you travel often for business or for pleasure, invest in a small travel case for your timepiece. Travel cases can hold one or multiple watches and are compact enough to fit in your carry-on luggage.

Wolf Blake Single Watch Roll
Wolf Blake Single Watch Roll

Safety deposit box

If you’re planning to store your watch for an extended period of time, consider keeping it outside of your home in a safety deposit box at a bank. The annual fee to rent a safety deposit box is often minimal and your current bank may even offer a discount to customers. This is a great option if you’re storing a watch until you’re ready to pass it down to the next generation or if you’re going on an extended trip out of the country. If you’re still likely to wear the watch often, this may not be the most convenient option for you as each wear would require a trip to the bank and a screening process.

How do you keep your luxury timepiece safe when you aren’t wearing it? Share your tips with us in the comments section below!

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