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Play Ball! Oris Hosts the #FeldmarFam to a Day at the Ballpark

When it comes to timekeeping in sports, there’s no shortage of famous partnerships. Omega has proudly partnered with the Olympics while Tissot’s helped the NBA watch the clock since 2015. But what if a sport has no clock? Notable among major sports, America’s pastime is a timeless affair (see what we did there?) Into this space, steps independent Swiss watch brand, Oris. Since 2021, the Holstein-based watchmaker has brought its logo to 11 Major League ballparks. Among these is Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. Voted “Best Ballpark In America” for 2022 by USA Today, Petco Park is a baseball Mecca with great views, sounds, and perfect weather in America’s Finest City.

On a recent weekend, the Oris team treated the #FeldmarFam to a day of baseball luxury in Oris‘ suite at Petco Park. From the food to the drinks to the cushioned seats, the gameday experience was as luxurious as… well… a Swiss watch! The Feldmar Fam started early, saddling up for a 7AM train from Los Angeles’ Union Station for the 3-hour trek to San Diego. Why go by car when you can go by train? Between the oversized, comfortable seats and the beautiful scenery, Amtrak was the right choice.

Disembarking downtown, our gang strolled to Richard Walker’s Pancake House. A staple of San Diego’s Gaslamp District, the diner is famous for some intrepid offerings, such as the Dutch Baby and its big brother, the German Pancake. Store Manager, Ben Scheidt was up for the challenge, ordering a full-size, disc-shaped German Pancake the size of a small person.

After stuffing our faces, the Feldmar team walked toward Petco Park, making our way up to the Suite Level where our base for the next few hours awaited us. Joined by a few friends of Feldmar, we settled in for a great game as our hometown Dodgers took on the Padres. With a well-stocked pantry and ice cold drinks in hand, we took in the best of what baseball has to offer – a great game in great weather among great people.

Inside the suite, those more inclined toward pigskin than rawhide flipped channels to catch all the Week 1 NFL action on the suite’s big, bright TV. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Feldmar outing without a wristshot! Check it out!

And as watch fans, we all got a kick out of our favorite on-field jersey – Ebel! We’ve seen plenty of Ebel watches come through the Feldmar Service Center over the years so catching Coach Ebel of the Dodgers on the field was a like a watchgeek hidden Easter egg!

Happy with the result (the Dodgers thumped the Padres 11-2), we made for the exits, ready to kill some time before our 7PM train. We hiked north toward Coin Op, San Diego’s finest arcade.

Once inside, the crew gathered around Store Director, Jamie Hayes as he cracked his knuckles and went to work on the Galaga machine.

Famous for double-wristing his watches, Jamie proceeded to blast past the Galaga high score, nearly tripling it! Old habits die hard, and all those hours practicing dodging enemy ships paid off.

Aboard the train back to LA, the Feldmar Fam sank back into cushy Amtrak seats, grateful for a day spent among friends. From breakfast to baseball and arcades to Amtrak, it was a great outing made possible by Oris.


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