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Precious Cargo: Traveling with a Luxury Timepiece

Your ticket is purchased and your bags are packed. Now, what timepiece are you going to wear on your vacation? Read on for some of our tried and true tips for traveling with a luxury watch.

Wear it or pack it in your carry-on

When traveling with a luxury watch, never check it with your baggage. Always wear it or carry it with you in your carry-on. Just remember if you wear it, you may be asked to take it off when going through the security line.

Bring the proper case

If you are traveling with a watch in your carry-on, make sure you bring the proper storage. There are plenty of travel options, ranging from simple to high tech, that are both stylish and functional.

Make sure it’s insured

Before you leave, ensure your watch’s insurance policy is active and up-to-date. Check the details of the policy to make sure you are covered while traveling. There are varying degrees of coverage but most policies will protect you in the case of theft or an accident.

If you are traveling far, consider a watch with multiple time zones

While it’s not a necessity, a watch with the ability to display multiple time zones sure is fun (and useful!) when traveling. Some of our favorites are the Baume & Mercier Capeland 10106 and the Girard-Perregaux Traveller.

baume et mercier capeland
Baume & Mercier Capeland 10106


Consider the type of trip when choosing which watch to bring

What type of trip are you going on? Maybe you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities or sports such as rock climbing or cycling during your trip. Maybe you plan on being in the water at the pool or beach the whole time. Either way, consider packing a timepiece that you can keep on your wrist at all times during these activities. You don’t want to bring an expensive watch and then leave it in the hotel room or under a beach towel when you go in the water or on an excursion.

In addition, consider the safety conditions at your destination. You may not want to bring your most expensive watch to a place where you don’t feel 100% comfortable.

Get your watch serviced before you leave

Make an appointment to have your watch serviced before you leave. Not only will this ensure that all of the parts are clean and functioning correctly but a watchmaker can also check that your timepiece is still water-resistant and safe to swim with.

Bring a photocopy of the paperwork for customs if you are traveling internationally

If you are traveling out of your home country, consider bringing a photocopy of the receipt or warranty card for your timepiece. You may be asked to prove that you did not buy the watch out of the country before re-entering.

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