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The Best Ways to Care for Your Luxury Watch

Now that you’ve added a new luxury timepiece to your collection, you’ll want to protect your investment by caring for it thoroughly. When taken care of properly, watches can last for years and years and can be passed down through the generations. In order to get the most out of your timepiece, follow the tips below.

Know it

Your timepiece came with its own manual for a reason. Read it! Get to know your watch. And we mean really get to know it! Know what makes it tick (the movement) and know how water-resistant it is. Know how often it should be serviced and if there are any special features that require extra care. The more knowledgeable you are about your watch, the better you’ll be able to take care of it!

Store it

How your watch is protected when you aren’t wearing it can be just as (or more!) important as how it’s protected when you are wearing it. When you aren’t wearing your watch, is it just sitting on top of your night stand or dresser? If so, it’s time to change that! A fully enclosed box or case with a soft liner is best to keep dust and debris away and prevent the watch from scratching. If you have a watch with an automatic or hand-wound movement, you might want to consider a watch winder box which will keep your watch fully wound when you aren’t wearing it. Always store your watch (even when it’s in the box) away from humidity or moisture and in a place where it won’t accidentally fall.

Orbita Siena 2 Burl Rotorwind
Orbita Siena 2 Burl Rotorwind

Clean it

Clean your watch as often as possible. After each wear, wipe down the case and strap with a soft cloth. Depending on your watch’s water-resistance, you may be able to soak it in water and scrub with a soft tooth brush every so often to remove stains and build up. However, always consult a professional, or your watch’s manual, before doing this.


Service it

You wouldn’t go 10 years without getting an oil change, right?! Just like your car or any piece of intricate machinery, your timepiece will require regular service and maintenance to ensure everything is working correctly. Even if nothing appears wrong with your watch, schedule regular checks every 3-4 years (or more) with a professional to be certain. Regular maintenance appointments involve cleaning and movement lubrication as well as checking all parts for damage or improper function. In addition, if you have a watch that requires a battery, bring it in for service as soon as the battery dies or as soon as the second hand starts to skip to avoid the risk of acid leaking into the watch.

Watch Service Repair

Insure it

As careful as you are, accidents do happen. Consider insuring your watch as soon as you buy it to avoid a headache down the road.


With regular maintenance and the proper care, any luxury timepiece should last you for years to come!

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