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Custom Seiko SNM SPRD SNK Watch Mod

Watch Mods 101: Build Your Dream Watch

For a long time, we here at Feldmar Watch Company have admired the work of some extremely talented modders. A few are even regulars in our store and we always love seeing their latest creations and chatting with them about their inspiration, techniques, and handy tips. But for every watch enthusiast familiar with modding, there are an equal number or more who’ve never heard of watch modding before. Today, we’re excited to shed some light on common questions like: what is watch modding? Can you mod any watch? What goes into watch modding? Join us as we jump in!

Seiko SRPD watch modifications


Put simply, watch modding is the process of replacing original watch parts with new ones. Oftentimes, these parts are purchased as upgrades but it is also possible to take compatible parts from a watch and install them on a different one. In a way, modding gives new life to old watches and can even be a way to “upcycle” old parts from broken timepieces. For many people, watch modding is a way to exercise creativity and can even be considered an expressive artform! Take a look at the hashtag “#watchmod” on Instagram and you’ll see what we mean.

Casio Hydromod digital watch modifications


Truthfully, any watch can be modified! It’s simply a matter of the availability of parts. For example, the most popular watch mod platforms are Seiko and Casio watches, respectively, the SKX/SRPD line of sport watches and the still-fairly-new G-Shock GA2100 “Casioak” series. Other brands like Citizen have seen growth in mod-options but it’s still early days and not yet on the level of Seiko which by far has the largest mod community. It’s even possible to modify higher-end luxury watches like Rolex. One of the most popular Rolex mods is adding aftermarket bezels or dials that shine, sparkle, or feature fun colors.

Seiko SRPD watch modifications


While almost any part of a watch can be modded, some of the most popular components to replace and upgrade are the main components that comprise the watch’s face. On most automatic watches, this includes: 

  • Dial 
  • Hands
  • Bezel insert
  • Chapter ring

It’s also possible to upgrade/replace the exterior components of a watch. These parts include: 

  • Case
  • Bezel 
  • Crown
  • Caseback 
  • Strap or bracelet

Finally, for the brave modders more comfortable with poking around inside a watch’s beating heart, it’s possible to upgrade the movement’s components (or the whole movement itself!). Parts here include: 

  • Day wheel
  • Date wheel 
  • Stem
  • Rotor

Miyota Citizen watch modifications


As mentioned, mod parts can either be sourced by poaching parts from other watches or by buying them directly from mod part suppliers. For Seiko mods, look to vendors like CrystalTimes USA, Esslinger, NamokiMods, and DLW Watches. And sites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and AliExpress also have a large selection of non-Seiko parts and are worth checking out.

Seiko SNK watch modifications


We get this question a lot! Most people either mod their watch at home (this requires tools) or by finding a professional watch modder to help. The mod community is big and growing every day so you might even have a watch modder in your city! Companies like CrystalTimes, NamokiMods, and DLW maintain databases of modders as well as ways to contact them and see their work. Here at Feldmar, we have worked with our good friend, @Hibachi.Mod and love the work he does!

Casio Ga2100 Casioak watch modifications


Since 1913, Feldmar has been repairing watches so you could say modding is in our DNA! Feldmar is also an authorized dealer for over 60 brands including Seiko, Citizen, G-Shock, and more so you can pick up your soon-to-be-modded watch. While we don’t sell mod parts, we are excited to partner with our neighbors at Crystal Times USA. They are a terrific place to start your mod journey! Are you interested in modding or have you modded a watch in the past? We’d love to see it! Drop us a line on our official watch mods Instagram @Feldmar.Modsquad

About The Author: Tom Roth


Born in Washington state, Tom developed an interest in photography during college at University of San Diego. There, he got started in music journalism, interviewing artists and taking photos at concerts. A life-long tinkerer and collector, it wasn’t long before Tom became fascinated with fountain pens and watches.

Those interests collided in November 2020 when Tom started at Feldmar Watch Company where he lives out every watch geek’s dream: photographing and writing about timepieces. When he’s not tinkering with his watch collection, Tom can be found traveling, biting his nails while watching PNW sports teams, and taking flying lessons.

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