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The Seiko SLA037: A Brief Review

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In July 2020, the watch world was treated to a special announcement from Seiko – the anniversary reissue of not one, not two, but three (!) iconic pieces from the Japanese watch brand’s historic catalog of dive watches. Of these, the most requested here at Feldmar has been the SLA037, an update of the famous “62MAS” dive watch from 1969.

What makes this watch so special? Read on below to learn more!

The Seiko 62MAS

In 1965, Seiko released their first dive watch, calling it the 62MAS. Depth-rated to 150 meters, the 62MAS featured a sharply-designed case that was as iconic then as it is today. With a unidirectional bezel sporting a simple numeral design and symmetrical layout, the 62MAS was highly practical. And viewed through the lens of ever-mercurial watch trends, the 37mm size hit the sweet spot for most collectors today – not too small, as is the case with some vintage pieces. To that end, the 62MAS kicked off a craze for the immediately recognizable angular case that persists to this day. Found in some of Seiko’s most popular models including the SPB143 and SLA043, the 62MAS case has taken on a life and heritage all its own.


The Seiko SLA037

Fifty-five years after the release of the 62MAS, Seiko has paid tribute to the original with a stunning reissue: the SLA037. While the two watches are nearly identical at first glance, there are a few key differences between the SLA037 and the 62MAS. First, the case has been enlarged slightly to 39.9mm, in line with the trend for modern watches to be a bit bigger than their vintage counterparts. The dial is more brilliant than the original, with a gorgeous blue sunburst that doesn’t overpower the watch’s overall aesthetic. Finally, the SLA037 features more thoughtful polishing, a perfect showcase for the level of detail that has made Seiko watches famous. Tighter tolerances and gasket-tech has increased the water resistance to 200m while a blue tropic rubber strap connects the watch not only to your wrist, but also to history.

seiko SLA037

A world beating movement

The SLA037 rocks Seiko’s 8L55 high-beat movement, an engine found near the top of Seiko’s movement roster. Operating at 36,000 vibrations per hour, the second hand slides around the dial so smoothly, the naked eye can scarcely detect the incremental beats at all. Crafted in the same factory where Grand Seiko movements are made, the 8L55 is truly the top-of-the-line Seiko movement. It is this technology that accounts for the SLA037’s $6,300 price tag along with the limited nature of the watch. While the 62MAS is one of the most famous dive watches in history, Seiko’s SLA037 reissue is limited to just 1,100 pieces making it a collector’s item in its own right.

prospex SLA037


The Seiko SLA037 can easily be considered the peak of Seiko’s dive watches. Representing a new echelon of watchmaking within the regular Seiko line of watches, the SLA037 at once pays tribute to the 62MAS while showcasing the detail and innovation that have made Seiko watches world class for over 140 years.

If you’re looking for Seiko dive watches, Feldmar Watch has got you covered! We also offer a wide range of other brands, and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is taking your pick. Check us out today!

About The Author: Tom Roth


Born in Washington state, Tom developed an interest in photography during college at University of San Diego. There, he got started in music journalism, interviewing artists and taking photos at concerts. A life-long tinkerer and collector, it wasn’t long before Tom became fascinated with fountain pens and watches.

Those interests collided in November 2020 when Tom started at Feldmar Watch Company where he lives out every watch geek’s dream: photographing and writing about timepieces. When he’s not tinkering with his watch collection, Tom can be found traveling, biting his nails while watching PNW sports teams, and taking flying lessons.

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