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Watch Collecting 101: Starting Your Collection

Thinking about starting a luxury watch collection but have no idea where to start? Look no further. Our tips and tricks will help you curate a collection that is sure to be the envy of your watch collecting peers.

Starting out

When it comes to buying the first luxury watch in your collection, the options can be daunting. Maybe you’ve thought long and hard about what you want your first watch to be however, maybe you just know you’re intrigued by collecting watches and don’t know exactly where to start. Regardless, your first watch will be “the one that started it all” and will probably always be special to you. Ask yourself these questions to get an idea of where you see your collection starting and going in the future.

  • New vs. vintage?
    Are you fascinated by the latest model released by your favorite watch brand? Or, do you love the thrill of the chase . . . searching for that perfect pre-owned piece with years of history behind it? While both certainly have their pros and cons, shopping for a pre-owned or vintage watch can take quite a bit more time and research than shopping new.
  • To wear or display?
    Of course you should wear each and every watch in your collection however, we understand that some will be more worn than others. Will you first watch be an everyday piece or one that’s saved for special occasions? By the way, there’s no wrong answer . . . a mature collection should have at least one of each.
  • Will your collection have a theme?
    Sport or dress? Mechanical or quartz? Your favorite brand or a variety of different brands? What type of watches intrigue you the most? Whatever the answer may be, start your collection there.

Must-have watches for every collection

Every watch collection is unique to its owner (that’s the fun of it!) however, the following will lay the foundation for a collection that offers something for every occasion.

  • The everyday timepiece
    While you may not wear each and every watch in your collection on a regular basis, there should be one tried and true piece that you can turn to for everyday occasions like work, going out with friends and even just hanging out at home. Our pick: Bremont Classic Chronometer
Bremont Classic Chronometer
Bremont Classic Chronometer
  • The dressy watch           
    Attending a black tie wedding, swanky networking event or elegant charity event? There’s a watch for that! Every true watch collector should have a piece in their collection for more fancy affairs. Our pick: Parmigiani Tonda 1950
Parmigiani Tonda 1950
Parmigiani Tonda 1950
  • The conversation starter
    “Where did you get that watch?” Whether it’s a watch brand that speaks to you because of their charity or sporting event affiliation, a unique timepiece that tells time in a different type of way or a watch that’s been passed down from generation to generation in your family, it’s fun to have a piece that tells a story and gets the conversation going. Our pick: Bulova Accutron II Men’s Watch
Bulova Accutron II Mens Watch
Bulova Accutron II Mens Watch

Down the road: your dream watch

We all have our most coveted timepiece . . . the one we’d do almost anything to get our hands on. As robust as your collection gets, never lose sight of your dream watch. Our pick: Baume & Mercier Perpetual Calendar

Baume & Mercier Perpetual Calendar
Baume & Mercier Perpetual Calendar

Tips for curating your perfect collection

  • Stay true to what you like
    Oftentimes, collectors get caught up in buying what’s brand new or what they see other collectors wearing. Our advice? Don’t purchase a watch simply based on the brand or what’s appealing to others. Shop what speaks to you and your personal style, and you’ll never be disappointed in your investment.
  • Document
    When you purchase or acquire a watch, keep the original paperwork and boxes. To take it a step further, keep a journal of when your acquired each piece and the story behind it. When you go to sell a timepiece or pass it on, this information will help to prove its value.
  • Invest in the proper storage
    When you aren’t wearing the watches in your collection, you’ll want to keep them looking like new. Be sure to research how each watch should be stored and invest in the proper storage solutions.
  • Keep up with regular maintenance
    Even the most low maintenance timepieces need to be serviced every once and awhile. Keep up with regular maintenance to ensure that your watches are functioning properly and that they will last a lifetime or longer.
  • Realize your collection is never ‘finished’
    Always keep your eye out for pieces that will keep your collection fresh and exciting. If you find that certain pieces no longer excite you, trade them in for something you love. A true watch collector never finishes their collection!

Are you an aspiring watch collector? Which luxury timepiece are you hoping to purchase or acquire to start your collection?  

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